Mar 10 2010

34 Weeks and Counting

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Today was my 34 week appointment and all is well! Baby bump is measuring just perfectly on track at 34 cm (basically you want about a cm per week). My blood pressure was good, and Baby D’s heartbeat was strong and steady at about 160 bpm this morning. He’d been wiggling around in there before the doc. came in, so his heart rate was a little elevated compared to where it normally is. Doc still teases that he’s a she, but I really think he just likes to see our reaction to that prediction. 🙂 Baby D is also head down, and everything seems to be going just swimmingly! Doc said that after about 35 weeks, if I go into labor he won’t try to stop it–after 35 weeks he lets Mother Nature make the call. So, technically, there’s only one week left to “worry” about it being too early for baby to come, but I’m okay right now if he wants to stay cozy in there for a few more weeks. 🙂

I’m still feeling pretty good, other than more frequent heartburn and having to potty more frequently…oh, and for the record, I know have cankles most of the time. I try to keep my feet elevated as much as I can, but that’s hard to do sometimes! Oh well, at least it’s not August and a zillion degrees outside!

For those of you wanting pictures (of the belly, not the cankles), I promise to get some up soon!

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