Mar 31 2010

37 weeks, 3 days

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Baby D - 37 weeks cooked

Today was yet another appointment for Baby D and me (and no, we haven’t yet decided on a name, but we’re closer, so quit asking! 😉 ). All went well at the appointment – Baby’s heartbeat was strong and steady at 155. Doc still likes to joke that we’re in the “girl” heartbeat range and that he hopes we kept all our receipts. There’s been definite progress – Baby’s head is starting to descend, and I’m about 50% effaced and about 1 cm dilated. I won’t go into detail what that means for you men-folk out there, but it’s easy enough to google if you’re curious. For the women, you know that I was pleased there was some progress! Now, I know that it will likely still be several days or even weeks before Baby D’s long-awaited appearance, but any progress was nice to hear this morning!

Another view of Baby D at 37 weeks cooking time.

For the most part, I still feel pretty good. I’m more tired lately, since I’m up every couple of hours at night either to potty or to flop over (there is no such thing as just rolling over in bed anymore–it’s an all-out flop with the mondo-belly). My back is definitely feeling the extra baby weight, and my feet are typically puffy by the end of the day. But, my boys are taking very good care of me, of course, and are happy to bring me things once I’m settled on the couch with my feet up.

I think the boys are getting excited about their little brother’s impending arrival. The other night, Baby D was doing his nightly acrobatics and as I was watching my belly dancing, Caleb walked past me. Without missing a beat he said, “That baby sure is getting big!” and just kept on doing what he was doing. I laughed and said, “Yep, he sure is. That’s what he’s supposed to do!” So, Baby D, we’re all anxious and excited to meet you in person, but you take all the time you need to finish “cooking” in there. We love you lots already!

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