Mar 15 2010

85 Years

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Grandpa and Grandma Daneman

Saturday night we had a milestone birthday party. Grandpa Daneman turned 85 on Tuesday, March 9th, so, of course, we had a party. In case you’re curious about the details, Bryan’s Uncle Scott and Aunt Vicky hosted the party. We had a few appetizers, steak, chicken, mashed potatoes, a couple types of salad, green beans, and, of course yummy-rific (yes, that’s a word) chocolate birthday cake made by Grandma and Grandpa’s good friend Chick Sham, and a choice of ice creams. Pretty much the whole family was there along with several friends. My sister and brother-in-law, Tracy and Steven, and my niece and nephew, Eliana and Elijah, came up from Austin, even! It was a full house and a wonderful time.

Now, allow me to just ramble a bit–really, what choice do you have? It’s my blog, so I’ll do what I want. 85 years. . . that milestone is so amazing to me. Grandpa has seen so much in his life, and he’s willing to share it with us. Here is a man who is truly a part of the Greatest Generation. He fought in WWII in the 10th Mountain Division in the mountains of Italy–his memoirs of his 10th Mountain Division days, Do Well or Die, will be published soon. He married his high school love and in their 60+ years together, they’ve raised 4 boys and now enjoy their 10 grandkids (not counting the grandkids’ spouses – then it goes up to 14 grandkids) and 4 (soon to be 6) great-grandkids. Grandpa is still in relatively great health for his 85 years. He and Grandma still travel, live independently, and generally make everyone’s lives greater just by being. Now, I never had a grandpa before marrying Bryan. My mom’s father passed away when she was 7; and my dad’s father was killed a few years before I was born. Grandpa Daneman is the Grandpa I never had, and I’m so grateful for him. Grandma and Grandpa mean even more to me recently, as I lost my last grandparent, Nana (mom’s mom), in December. So, Grandpa, Happy Birthday, and here’s to many more.

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