Mar 21 2010

Snowball’s Chance

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So, yesterday was the first day of spring. I live in Texas – for a reason. In Texas, the first day of spring is typically just a formality, as usually by March 20, it’s been in the 70s and pleasant for weeks. Well, this year has been one for the record books in many ways. Snow on Christmas Day (that Bryan still guilts me about missing), record snowfall in February, and, yep – you guessed it, SNOW on the first day of spring. Around us, not much stuck, though family in Dallas got 5-6 inches or more.

Last night, after the boys were in bed and I was headed that way myself, I heard Bryan go outside. He’s a total sucker for snow and wishes we got more of it (yes, in some ways we couldn’t be more different, but that’s what makes life exciting, right? right.). Next thing I know, he’s in the bedroom saying, “Wanna have a snowball fight?” and pretending to throw something small and white at me. I was NOT amused. But, he wouldn’t leave me alone until I held his “perfect” snowball – perfect consistency, size, and shape (this, of course, all his explanation, as I am definitely no expert when it comes to perfect snow). Apparently at some point this morning, the boys went outside to try their hands at making “perfect” snowballs, also. I missed this outing, so imagine my surprise (okay, it wasn’t a major shock – I do know my boys well) when I open the freezer to see this:

snowballs being saved in our freezer

I have no idea how long my boys (and yes, I’m including the biggest boy here, too) expect me to save these, but I suppose I can lose those few inches of freezer space for a while. (Oh, and do try to ignore the plethora of ice cream containers in the background, remember I’m 8 months pregnant!)

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