Jul 28 2010

3 Months

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Yummy fingers, mmmmm...

I can’t believe it’s already been three months since Sam’s arrival. My, how time flies. So much has happened in the last 13 weeks, it’s unreal. So much has changed even just since Sam’s 2-month marker! A couple of significant things, though: Sam can roll from tummy to back now (which means he also tolerates tummy time a little more, since he can practice that rolling), he’s sleeping through the night pretty well, and he has discovered his hands and feet!

We also survived Sam’s first cold (that, of course, he shared with Mommy), and he’s been on two road trips! We went to Brownwood, TX over 4th of July weekend to visit Granny and Papi, and we went to League City, TX for a 4-day weekend to see Grandma and Grandpa Guess and the Brandt cousins in mid-July. (More details on those trips in another post coming soon.)

Probably the biggest change is that Mommy started back to work last week, and Sam started “school.” He’s at a daycare just a mile and a half from home. He’s adjusting quite well. Mommy? Not so much. It’s SO hard to leave him each morning, even though I know he’s happy and well taken care of. I did okay the first two days, but I think that was adrenaline-fueled, because day 3 and 4 I boo-hooed in the car. So far this week, I’ve kept the waterworks in check, but it’s still early in the week. I really could write an entire post about just going back to work and all the baggage (emotional and literal) it entails, so I’ll save the space here.

Several other post-worthy things have gone on in the last month, so here’s a little teaser about things I hope to post about soon (in all my spare time, HAHAHAHA!): fishing trips, musicals, birthday parties, my first true 3 mile postpartum run, and fun new baby toys!

And now, I leave you with pictures of my adorable pun’kin-doodle!

Sweet kisses from big brother!

Sam looking cool in his shades, poolside with cousin Hayden.

Rare photo op with both Sadie and Sam looking up!

He pushes up so strong!

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