Feb 19 2011

Tough guys

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My boys play baseball (well, not Sam. . . yet). One of the first things you’re taught in baseball – and this is VERY important – is that if you get hit with a ball, you don’t rub it until you get to the dugout. It’s part of the whole tough-guy, never-let-em-see-you-sweat, sports thinking. Today at a scrimmage, J took a baseball to the cup (at least he was wearing one, right?) as he was standing at second base (it was a failed pick-off attempt by the pitcher). He toughed it out and didn’t let anyone see how much it hurt until he was back in the dugout after he scored. Of course, we had to discuss this at dinner tonight. The moment had to be relived for me, since I wasn’t actually at the scrimmage (I was getting some much needed girl time). Here’s how part of that conversation went:

D: I’m impressed, Jacob. You held it together really well when that ball hit you.
J: <<shrugs>>
D: You didn’t rub it out there.
C: <<impishly>>  Nobody should rub it in public!

Yeah. . . we all dissolved into giggles. This, of course, was after another double-entendre filled conversation about sticks and poking each other under the table. Life with boys is nothing if not entertaining. 🙂

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