Feb 06 2011


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Well, folks – lots has been going on around here. 4 days of ice and snow (and in Texas, that pretty much means you’re confined to home – we’re not equipped for that!), Sam’s 9-month checkup, the Super Bowl in Dallas (with lots of stuff in Fort Worth), a cousin’s impending bar mitzvah to prepare for. Just life in general. And I know there’s bound to be tons of great posts in there somewhere, but I’m feeling kind of uninspired. Maybe I’ve been so busy that I just don’t have the energy, maybe the touch of Sam’s most recent cold has me too fuzzy-headed to put so many coherent thoughts together, maybe being cooped up in the house for 4 days with 4 goofy boys has turned my brain to mush (or possibly some combination thereof)…

I also have several crafty projects in various states of incompletion, and wallets of each of the boys (from November) to send to aunts and uncles, and even cards and envelopes to mail them in. I had a great time today with good friends and family at a fun Stella and Dot party (my friend Cris Waters‘ first party as a stylist – and she did great)!

In short, I have plenty of post-worthy things going on. I don’t know why I feel so uninspired to post lately, but I promise to snap out of it soon and post some adorable snow pictures and a combined 8 and 9-month update on Sammo-dammo. Just bear with me for a bit longer.

(Hey, look at that, I did get a post up…)

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  1. Crison 07 Feb 2011 at 1:09 am

    Thanks, Julie! I had a great time. You were the perfect hostess.

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