Mar 16 2011

10 Months!

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Sam celebrated 10 months of life by cheering Daddy on in the 2011 Cowtown Half Marathon

Sam turned 10 months old on February 27. That happened to also be the day Daddy ran his third half-marathon, the 2011 Cowtown half marathon. Sam was a real trooper, up early with us to go cheer on Daddy for his run. He was quite a hit with the other runners, too. Several folks commented that he was cute, and one person asked how much I wanted for his stroller (hehehe…as if I’d give THAT up. Our BOB is like part of the family!)

Just a few days later, in honor of Aunt Lynne’s birthday and Texas Independence Day, Sam decided it was time to let go of the furniture and do some walking! He took 4 steps to me, and 3 to Bubba. We were so excited, and he was SO proud of himself! Daddy and Bear were at a baseball hitting lesson, so they missed it. Not to worry, just a few more days after that, Sam showed off for Daddy – he stood up (climbed up using Daddy for leverage), turned around to face me without holding onto anything, and took 5 or 6 steps to me, giggling the whole way! Of course, none of it is on video, because it happens so fast that I won’t leave the room to get the camera for fear of missing it!

Sam has also become an expert at maneuvering his walker around the downstairs (something he’s apparently quite good at doing at school, too!), and we’ve dubbed the loop from the living room, around the kitchen island (sometimes even going under the high chair!) and back into the living room as the local Grand Prixe course.

He’s moved pretty fully into 12-month clothes. Some of his 9-month pants still fit okay, but the 6-9 month onesies are rather snug, like cute little baby muscle shirts. 🙂 Sam is waving bye-bye more regularly now, and he’s working really hard on “uh-oh.” (translation, he likes to drop things on purpose to hear us say, “Uh-ooooh!” and tries to repeat it) And several times this weekend I could have sworn he was working on “hi” or “hello” but none of it was clear enough to really count. Here’s a cute video of him waving bye-bye.

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit for four wonderful days this weekend. They got out the camera more often than I did, so I hope to have some pictures from Grandpa soon (hint, hint). Sam just ate up the visit, showing off his new skills and loving on Grandma and Grandpa. It’s hard to tell who had a better time, the kids or the grandparents!

I’m reminded every day (just about every minute) how fast Sam is growing, and that before I know it, he’ll be a whole year old! I’m not ready for that AT ALL. We’re already only a week and half away from 11 months. He’s such a happy baby, and we love him SO much!

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