May 06 2011

Party Time!

Well, it’s been nearly a week since Sam’s first birthday party, and I truly think the only reason I haven’t been flogged for not having a post up about the party is that I have at least posted some pictures on Facebook, and I’ve shared some more through Picasaweb.

In short, Sam had a FABULOUS time at his party (for the record, so did Mommy and Daddy and Bubba and Bear). We had lots of family there, and his best bud from school, Lily, came with her parents (who happen to be Mommy and Daddy’s close friends, of course!). Sam even tried to give Lily a hug and a kiss. She’s a smart girl, though, she pushed this stinky boy away! :) It was A-DOR-A-BLE (and of course we didn’t get it on camera)!

So, without further ado, I’ll get straight to the pictures, which is what I know you all want to see. Oh, and special thanks to our friend Melissa Snow, who manned my camera during the party. I’d have about three pictures of the day if it weren’t for her. So a big, huge, thank you to her!

First wagon ride, after helping Grandpa put it together!

So proud of himself for getting into his new rocker!

Something tells me I'll be seeing this less-than-thrilled look for a long time to come!

Sam has such generous family and friends! Thank you all so much!

Lily enjoyed the rocker, too! Isn't she so beautiful?

Quite possibly my favorite picture of the day!

Caleb got wrapped up in the presents, too!

Yeah...the hat lasted about 2.5 nanoseconds.

Smiling during singing!

First cake sampling. Mmmmm.

VERY upset that we took the cake to cut it!

Cake aftermath (whose idea was it to give him a piece with red icing?)

Wagon ride with Lily!

I’d say it was a VERY successful first birthday party! (I have many more pictures I’m happy to share, but I think this is plenty for now!) Thank you again to everyone for making it such a great day!

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