Nov 22 2011

Where Does 18 Months Put Us?

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Well, now that he’s almost 19 months old (on Sunday, aaaaaaaack!), I thought I’d do an 18-month stats update for Samm-0. At his checkup, he was 26 pounds, 11 ounces (60th percentile) and 32 inches tall (38%…so a little on the short side). He still had some fluid on his ears from an ear infection that wouldn’t go away without a fight, but the ears weren’t infected any longer, so the doc wanted take a wait-and-see approach with it. It does appear that we might be headed for ear tubes, though.

Development-wise, he’s right on track. We answered an initial autism spectrum questionnaire, and the doctor thought it all sounded great; no need to follow up there. Behavior-wise, though, the appointment was pretty miserable. He was so tired and cranky (thank you, time change) and just in general upset about being at the doctor. He got two shots, his Hep A and flu shot. And he cried and screamed the whole time and kept asking to go and to be all done. It was pretty sad. He was even upset enough that he wouldn’t show the Dr. where his eyes and ears and nose (though he did point out Daddy’s nose), etc. were. He did show her his belly, and his toes, though. He did at least tell the Dr. and nurse “bye bye” when we saw them in the hall on the way out.

The day of the appointment was also picture day at school. Because of his appointment, I figured he’d miss his turn, but the director assured me he could have his picture done the next day. So, I didn’t worry too much about what he was wearing. . . Of course, we got there as his class was in the picture room. Sam’s friend, Lily, saw us from waaaaay down the hall and started waving and calling to Sam. So, down to the picture room he went, in his very un-picture-worthy outfit. (He was in khaki shorts and a borderline-too-short white onesie that has TCU embroidered on it.)  We’ve gotten the proofs back and they’re okay, but it looks a little funny that he’s in these winter scenes in summer-type apparel…but it was going up into the mid-80s that day; I just couldn’t put him in long pants and sleeves!

Anyway, as usual, Sam is right on track and learning more and more every day. He’s even starting to put two (sometimes three) word phrases together! Some of the things he’s said lately:

  • Hi Momma (or Dada)
  • bite, please
  • no-no, Say-Say
  • more pasta, please (seriously, the boy has eaten 2-3 Sam-sized servings for dinner the last two nights!)
  • Mornin’ Momma (or Dada)

It’s just amazing to me how much he’s learning every day. His little brain is just on overdrive these days, I think. He makes so many more connections and I know he understands even more than he can say to us. And, I personally love that ever since my parents were here for a visit earlier this month, anytime he thinks someone is at the door, he gets so excited and shouts “Grandma!” (which sounds like Mah-maw; similar to Mama, but definitely different) and “PaPa!” Just melts. my. heart. 🙂

So, Sam, just keep doing what you’re doing. Grow and learn and, best of all, keep teaching me how much bigger my heart can get.

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