Dec 07 2011

Be Careful with Clothes

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And by that, I really mean be careful what clothes you dress your child in for school.

My Mom and I braved a few Black Friday sales. One of our “finds” for Sam has a BlackBerry on it, with a message to Santa (cc-ing Mom and Dad, of course) that says, “too cute to be on the naughty list.” It’s adorable. He’s adorable. PER-FECT!

It was rather chilly pretty dang cold on Tuesday morning, so I picked out that shirt and some pants for Sam to wear to school.

When Daddy got back from dropping Sam off, he mentioned that Sam had a mini-meltdown at drop off because all the kids swarmed him. This happens regularly (the swarming, not the meltdowns) because Sam is one of the last kiddos dropped off in the morning. And, of course, everyone wants to say hi to him! Since Daddy said he calmed down pretty quickly, I didn’t worry too much about it.

That evening, as Sam played in the living room around us:

Daddy: I don’t think Sam should wear that shirt to school anymore

Me: Um…oooooooookay…why? (and yes, I was a tad on edge about it)

Daddy: well…the shirt has buttons on it…

Me: yeeeeeeessss… (still not sure where this was going. Yes, I’m slow on the uptake sometimes)

Daddy: little kids like to push buttons…

Me: (lightbulb, finally) OH! Oh no! Did the kids try to push Sam’s buttons all day? Did the teachers say something?

Daddy: well, it was apparently pretty funny.

We had a pretty good laugh about it. And really, when you’re this cute, can you blame everyone for wanting to “push your buttons?” 🙂

And yes, that's THE shirt

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