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Jan 04 2012


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Tonight, Bryan suggested Jacob try to work some on his own on the fundamentals of working with fractions and percentages and finding x as a percentage of y or what the percentage discount is if the original price is y and it sells for x, and I had flashbacks to middle and high school math. […]

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Jan 02 2012

How to Properly Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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First, you have to wash and dry the strawberries. Next, you have to melt the chocolate. It is imperative that you have a more-than-willing (and devastatingly handsome) accomplice helper! And, of course, you have to get sufficiently messy. Finally, after *lots* of labor, you have beautiful finished product. And lastly, you enjoy the finished product! […]

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Jan 01 2012

My Hopes for 2012

Yes, yes, I know I already did a yay 2012 post. But it was lame. So here’s one that’s (hopefully) better…and has pictures. I hope 2012 has very little of this: Lots of time for things like this: And this: And this: I hope 2012 has lots of moments that make me feel like this: […]

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Jan 01 2012

Here’s to You, 2012!

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Well folks, I hope y’all sent off 2011 in style (and safely!) and rang in 2012 with smiles and laughter, like we did. I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures to post, we were too busy enjoying each other’s company. The five of us went over to Sam’s friend Lily’s house (which happens to also […]

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