Jan 23 2012

SEE Haylen!

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Sunday we went over to Bubbe and Zayde’s house in Frisco to celebrate Zayde’s birthday. Sam was most excited about going on a ride and going to “SEE HAYLEN!” (translation: See Hayden). Apparently Sam remembered having a good time playing with cousin Hayden at Hanukkah. (Well, maybe not, but I like that story because it’s sweet and cute and I’m sticking to it! Say it with me now…”my blog, my prerogative.”)

Sure enough, once Hayden got there, the two were off playing together, chasing each other, bouncing on the dog’s bed, playing peek-a-boo. After cake and ice cream, we took the boys to the playground across the street from Bubbe and Zayde’s house (wasn’t it smart of them to move to a house with a playground rightacrossthestreet???) where they climbed and ran and slid down the slides–all with some fabulous help from Jacob, Caleb, Bubbe, and Zayde, of course! (Yes, we were hoping they’d run off a little of the sugar high).

Oh, and they stopped to check out the flowers, too! (Thanks, Rachee, for snapping this one!)

Two blonde boys checking out the flowers

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