Jan 20 2012

Sports and Guilt

Watching Bubba's first basketball game of this season.

The lovely people at the Texas Health Resources Momblog have been kind enough to post another of my semi-organized ramblings today. (Thanks, btw!) 🙂

And like I said, before you throw things at me or state (the obvious) that I’m being a whiny-baby and that lots of other parents/families have a harder schedule than us, let me say that I DO realize these things. And I DO realize that the sports and the activities are good for the kids. And I DO ENJOY the games (95% of the time – hey, I never claimed to be perfect). And I DO feel a tremendous amount of guilt when I have the admittedly selfish when-do-I-get-my-weekends-back moments.

I also am 99.9% certain that other moms and dads have felt this way, too. So, what’s the solution? Is there one? Do you just suck it up and deal? Do you limit the extra-curricular activities to one at a time? (Though, if you have more than one kid, even one activity at a time can be busy.) Do you rotate activities? What about when there are conflicts in schedule? Do your obligations or “want-tos” (like the yoga course I’d been looking at) fall away every time so the kiddos can make their activities? Do you team up with another family to help each other out (you take the kids, they pick up; you drive one week, they drive the next, etc)?

It won’t be long, I know, until we’re juggling 3 sets of extra curriculars, so I’d love suggestions to be filing away for that time! 🙂

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