Apr 11 2012

Another Successful Pesach

. . . And a shameless plug for a blog I contribute to and a great Interfaith family resource.

But in all seriousness, we had a fantastic time at Mike and Susan’s yet again this year, and we’re always grateful for their gracious hosting of all us crazies!

I’m sorry I don’t have any cute pictures from Passover like I had from Easter. It’s not from lack of adorable moments…it’s from lack of presence of mind to pull out the camera. I guess I was just enjoying the moments (or corralling the littlest monster) too much!

A couple favorite moments from the night:

  • The amazing job the younger kids did on their Seder reading portions.
  • The stifled giggles as Sam added his own commentary to the Seder readings.
  • Sam sharing his “hehmet” (kippah) with Mommy, Daddy, and even Zayde (I think).
  • Caleb’s excitement at finding the Afikomen (I think it’s the first year he’s found it).
  • Sam trying to “help” search for the Afikomen even after it was found.
  • The men trying to discreetly (or not-so-discreetly) keep an eye on the Rangers score throughout the night.

I always admire how easy Mike and Susan make it look to pull off these large family-plus gatherings. I know it’s not an easy undertaking, but you’d never know it as an attendee. 🙂 So, thanks again, y’all, and Happy Passover!

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