Apr 08 2012

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful and relaxing Easter Sunday. The Easter Bunny brought a big basket to our house (of which, of course, I did not get a picture) that included two movies, bubbles, water guns, airplanes, confetti-filled eggs, and some board books (for Sam, of course). I’m not sure who enjoyed the bubbles more, Sam or the big boys.

We got some rain, so we took the opportunity to watch a movie the Easter Bunny brought us, “We Bought A Zoo.” (Great movie, by the way.) ¬†We also had some chocolate:

I've created a chocolate monster, I think.

After the rain, and a lovely nap for Sam and Mommy (can I just say how wonderful rainy Sunday afternoon naps with my little man are???), we did a confetti egg hunt and smash war.

(Sorry the egg smashing video is so short; my memory card was full. And, it got a little ugly, so it might be good that you don’t get to see it all. We’re really not brutes, I promise.)

I hope everyone had as wonderful a day as we did. And for my Jewish friends and family, Happy Pesach!

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