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Apr 04 2012

Basketball Season Recap

Yes, yes, I know the boys’ basketball seasons have been over since the beginning of March, but I realized I never posted anything here about their seasons – Bad StepMommy. (I did write up this post about the end of J’s season for the Texas Health Resources Momblog – does that get me a little out of […]

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Apr 03 2012

Words and Sentences!

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It’s been a while since I wrote about all the words Sam is saying. And now we can add small sentences to the list! They’re not truly “complete” sentences or grammatically correct (hey, remember, I was an English major), but they usually have a subject – often “Sammy” – and a verb. So, here’s a […]

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Apr 02 2012

Very Late Wedding Post

So, you know about 3 weeks ago I posted this about preparing for my friend’s wedding? Yeah…I totally slacked off on posting about how beautiful the wedding was! Here on Snips and Snails, that is. I did get this write-up done for the Texas Health Moms Momblog, which really sums up the whole day nicely. But, […]

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