Jun 29 2012

Swim Lessons

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All ready to go for the first day of swim lessons!

Sam took Mommy and Me swim lessons the last two weeks (as in, last week and the week before. Yes, as usual, I’m lagging in posting).

Since lessons were at our neighborhood pools, I decided to try to work in some exercise for me, too (something I struggle to do lately), by pushing Sam up there in the BOB. It got me a little over a mile of walking , plus the 45 minute lesson. I gotta say, I enjoyed it.

Okay, so I really just wanted to work these two pictures into the post, and since the BOB is in them both, and you can see my sneakers in one, I'm using them as proof that we really did walk to/from lessons every day.

Lessons were from 7:45-8:30 each morning (Tues. – Fri.). And no, I didn’t take two weeks off work to do lessons. My boss – who is way, super cool –  allowed me to take Sam to swim lessons and come into work afterward. Because of the time it takes to shower, change, drop Sam off and then get into the office, that really meant that I came into work at 10 am for those two weeks. It made for a busy two weeks, but it was so worth it to get that extra time with my little guy in the pool every morning. And he was WORN OUT most days by the end of the day. It’s times like this I’m reminded how lucky I am to have the flexibility I have at work. So, thanks, Janet!

Ready for school after the first day of swim lessons!

Sam made new friends whom he loved to talk to and play with. He even talked about and ask about them outside of swim class. There were 5 kids in the class – Sam, Kendall, Andrew, Henry, and Sydney – ranging in age from 9 months to 2 years. Everyone was so adorable! Mommy made new friends, too; it was so much fun!

The whole class,plus Syndey's Mommy and brother and minus Henry, after lessons one day.

Sam loved the water, mostly. He wasn’t so much a fan of going UNDER the water, but he liked blowing bubbles and showing his new friends how to blow bubbles. (Until, of course, he’d start laughing while his face was still in the water and he’d choke; he didn’t like that so much). He loved jumping off the sides of the pool and sliding off the bottom of the slides to me. Sometimes he liked kicking us around the pool, but sometimes he just wanted to be carried. He loved to talk ABOUT his teacher, Miss Emily, but when she tried to work with him, he wasn’t very cooperative. Thankfully, she was very patient with all her young charges. He cried at the end of every lesson when we had to go home.

We had some feathered company in our pool sometimes, too! The ducks were a big hit with kids and Mommies alike!

The ducks enjoyed swim lessons, too!

And, of course, we had to end every swim lesson with snack time. It actually worked out well, because the snack kept the kids relatively still while they dried off some.

Snack time!

Overall, I’m calling swim lessons 1.0 a success! I’d sign him up for another session this summer if it didn’t conflict with vacation plans (and, you know, work – my boss is way, super cool, but I think asking for another two weeks of coming in at 10 might push my luck). We’ll definitely be doing it again next summer!

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