Sep 12 2012

Kid-Pitch starts anew with Kiddo #2!

And at bat - walked, stole 2nd, 3rd, and home!

Yes, folks, we’ve hit another sports milestone! Caleb starts kid-pitch baseball this (fall) season, and he’s doing great! The Keller 9U Chargers started their fall season last night with a bummer of a loss. BUT, the kids had fun, played well, and my Bear got to come in as a relief pitcher! Daddy said** he did great–didn’t allow any runners in the 3rd inning and even picked off a runner at 1st! We’re very proud – what a great start!

Caleb pitching!

**Unfortunately, the game was too late in the evening for Sam and me to attend, so BIG THANKS to Daddy for keeping us updated via FB and text. Photo credit to him, also (obviously).

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