Sep 07 2012

Space Dog!

Thursday morning when Daddy left to take Bubba and Bear to school, Sam got VERY upset. He was sobbing like his heart was broken in two that he didn’t get to go with Daddy and his brothers. (Daddy said they could hear him from the car.)

A sad Sam eventually climbed into my lap and we looked at some “puppy pictures” on the computer. We were looking at, a hilarious site one of my co-workers shared with me. As we scrolled through the pictures, Sam pointed out all the “not Max” puppies and the “not Sadie” puppies, until we came to a picture of a chihuahua in one of the veterinary cones.

S: Dat’s a SPACE DOG, Mommy!

No more sad Sam.

For a trip down memory lane, here's a time when our own Say-say was a Space Dog. (she made a full recovery)

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