Jan 20 2013

Perfect January Day

There are many reasons why I love Texas. Weather like today is one of them. Weather like today–in January–ALMOST makes me forget about our nasty-long streaks of 100+ degree days in the summer. It was upper 60s, sunny, and beautiful.

Sam, Caleb, and I went over to the Duffey’s house so Sam and Lily could play some. They played inside, in the backyard, and they rode bikes in the front for a little while. They even ate lunch together and had a dance party before we had to leave to let Caleb get ready for his baseball practice.

Riding bikes and cheesing for the camera.

After a short stop at home, we headed up to Caleb’s baseball practice. It was at the Y just outside our neighborhood. As we were unloading from the car, I asked Sam to go stand in the grass at the front of the car while I helped Caleb get his baseball bag out of the car and got the diaper bag. When I got up to Sam (less than a minute later) I noticed he was standing in a large fire ant pile and his shoes, socks, and the bottom of his pants were COVERED in ants. Thankfully, they hadn’t started biting – yet. I dropped everything in my hands, sent Caleb on to his team and proceeded to strip Sam to his diaper (thank GOODNESS it was warm today) and started beating ants off pants, socks, and shoes. And those suckers HIDE. I found them well after I thought I had them all out! Thankfully, I only saw one welt coming up on his ankle, and Sam didn’t seem too upset by it.

Once we got the ants taken care of, it was a lovely afternoon for baseball practice.

Sam alternated watching practice and watching the other goings-on by the field.

Today was just a perfect January Texas day, and we fully enjoyed it. :)

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