Feb 10 2013

Valentine’s Box, The First Year

Remember the Valentine’s Day goodies I posted about last week? I did finish the goodie bags during the week, but that Valentine box? Yeah….it didn’t get started until today. Thankfully, it also got finished today…and then partially destroyed (there is a toddler in the house, and he was helping–you do the math)…and then refinished (sort of–I admit I left it a little rough, still, since it’s supposed to be a toddler’s making).

I really wanted Sam to help with this, or at least to feel like he helped (which is really more the case). So, while I wrapped the box and cut the hole in the top, he made a huge mess with the art supplies and practiced his cutting and gluing. He did put some cute puffy stickers on, and he helped with some of the gluing (have I mentioned he’s really into the gluing?).

Pictures really do show it better, so…enjoy.

At the beginning of the project.

Getting supplies ready…with help.

Helping with stickers on the box while Mommy wrapped the lid.

The finished product (top view)

The finished product – long side view 1

The finished product – long side view 2

The aftermath

And yes, the office/playroom looked like that last photo more than once today. Note to self: put the fun, huge-mess-making craft stuff out of sight while toddler naps.

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