May 06 2013

The Big 3

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Sam”s 3 now. And as he’ll tell you he’s a big boy, not a baby. Of course, with such a milestone comes a party. Since I really recapped the party planning in pretty good detail here on the Texas Health Moms blog, I won’t repeat myself (for a change). I’ll just let you enjoy the pictures and videos.

We let Sam open the cutest and most prized gift a little early – it just fit the party’s theme too well. Aunt Lynne Cookie ROCKS. 🙂

The adults were all such good sports to wear the silly marching band hats I made.

In fact, the kids wouldn’t wear them, but most of the adults did, for most of the party!

I’m pretty proud of how well the Mickey Mouse Bandleader cake and musical instrument cupcakes turned out.

Thanks for the help, Mel!

Of course we sang:

Present opening was a little crazy, and had to be done in two shifts. Once Sam opened Granny’s present – most prized present #2, a new “catcher’s mask” – he was completely uninterested in any further presents and we all moved outside for some backyard baseball.

Backyard Baseball is an awesome party game, in case you were wondering.

Eventually he got around to opening the rest of the presents…

The present opening and the aftermath of my once-clean living room.

I’m calling Sam’s third birthday one BIG BOY success.

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