May 15 2013

TMS Wind Ensemble Spring 2013 Concert

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I’m sure I’m going to embarrass the living daylights out of Jacob by posting about this, but that’s sort of my job as a parent, right? 🙂

Last night, we went to hear the Tidwell Middle School Wind Ensemble (for those of you paying attention, that’s the top 7th/8th grade band) perform their spring concert. The concert was in the Byron Nelson High School auditorium – it’s kind of a big deal. (anyone else read that in their best Forrest Gump voice? No? Just me? Ok, moving on.) The band performed 3 songs and there are (shockingly) three videos. What I should warn you is that the first clip is the band’s first song, and part of the second song. The second clip finishes the second song, and the third clip is the third song. Gotta love technological glitches like memory cards filling up. Sorry ’bout that.

In part 3, here, you might notice that there is a “guest” conductor. Ms. Kahler held auditions for a student conductor. Any student was allowed to come in on his or her own time and learn to conduct, and then audition to conduct the band in a piece at this concert. Eight students auditioned and this lovely lady (forgive me for not remembering her name right now) was the one chosen.

I think she did a great job. When I asked Jacob what he thought of her conducting skills, he said, “I don’t know, I don’t pay attention to the conductor.” Ummmm. . . we might have a little work to do there.

Interspersed throughout the concert were some awards and recognition – Jacob was recognized for participating in and receiving a superior ranking in the NWISD solo/ensemble contest (he did a solo), and he received an Outstanding Musicianship Award (that mostly 8th graders got!) for his work on Trombone this year. Have I mentioned he’s been first chair trombone in the top band for the majority of the year? I’m a TEENSY bit proud.

Jacob begrudgingly let me take a picture of him with his award, if I promised not to post it online. So I’ll keep that promise. However, the picture did get put on facebook by his Mom (she made no such promise, so neither of us broke our word to him), and I might have shared it to my wall. I will, however, refrain from reposting the same picture here. I will simply post this picture, that shows all of the Outstanding Musicianship Award recipients on stage. 🙂

Jacob is 4th from the right.

The concert was wonderful and we’re all very proud of the band, especially our very own Trombonist.



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