Jul 11 2013

2013 TCU Art Camp

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In mid-June, Caleb enjoyed a week at TCU’s Art camp. He really enjoyed it, and says he wants to do it again next summer, too. And since a picture says 1000 words (or so I’ve heard), enjoy this novel. 🙂


These three sketches are ones Caleb did “in his free time” at camp, and the lower left bunny/suit/duck is from his print-making class. I think we have a budding cartoonist!

These are the three pieces Caleb chose to put in the end-of-camp art show. I love them all!

These three pieces are from his pottery and sculpture classes. I think they’re phenomenal!

These are other pieces he worked on during the week. I am so impressed at the quantity and quality of work they do in just one week!

I must admit there is one other piece of artwork that I’ve not included a picture of, out of respect for the artist’s wishes. There was one piece of work, in particular, that he didn’t even want to show us after camp because he thought it was so terrible (it wasn’t). So, while I have a picture of it, I’m opting not to traumatize him by posting it here (I hope he remembers that little detail when he’s in therapy as an adult. 🙂 )

I’m already looking forward to the masterpieces he will bring home from school this year, and from art camp next year!

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