Jul 17 2013

Bassetts and The Pioneer Woman

It’s no secret that I’m not a cook. No, really, ask any of the people who live with me. It’s not for lack of trying (I’d like to note that nobody has gotten sick or died from my attempts – yet), but it seems to be a talent I just don’t possess. Still, I love-love-love the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond both for her cooking and her love of basset hounds. She has two. Named Charlie and Walter. (Which are perfect names for bassets. As are names like Ears and Feet.)

We had a basset for 13 years when I was growing up. Waddles (yes, that was really her name) was the Best. Dog. Ever. Really. She had more personality than most people. She liked to watch TV…upside down…lips and ears all splayed out everywhere. She would sit on your feet when she didn’t want you to go anywhere. Or when she suspected you might go somewhere. Or maybe just because she liked feet-pillows. She liked to snorkel for spiders and frogs in the pool,  and she was known to stand on the diving board to bark or sniff the air, but she hated to swim (even though she was good at it). She rang a bell with her foot to go outside and come inside. She LOVED pizza and popcorn. She was AWESOME with kids…really with people of all ages.

Today, I indulged in reading (and in some cases, re-reading) the Charlie category of The Pioneer Woman’s blog. This conversation with the hubs was the result:

Julie Daneman:
I want a bassett
Bryan Daneman:
I want 10 million dollars
Julie Daneman:
a bassett is much more realistic than 10 million dollars

Even with that *stunning* logic, I don’t think I’m getting a bassett anytime soon. 🙁

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  1. Torion 26 Jul 2013 at 11:58 pm

    You definitely need a Basset Hound! That’s one of my favorite dogs. My grandparents had one named Tex when I was a kid.

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