Oct 04 2013

Summer Fun – Other Beach House Fun

Boy, do I know how to drag out Summer Fun posts or what? But, since it still sorta feels like summer around here (yes, in October), it’s not so bad to still be posting about summer fun, right? Right? Also, for all my friends who got their first dusting of snow last night, maybe this will make you feel a little warmer.

Our beach vacation really had it all. There was boat time (times two, with the kayak!), beach time, pool time, and these times, also:

Popsicle Time on the Deck

Kiddie Pool Time on the Deck

Superhero Time

And, of course, some relaxation…and some wrestling!

That wraps up the summertime fun posts. . . from the beach trip. You just THOUGHT you were done with summertime posts. Hahahahahahaha – fooled you! There’s one more trip to share, and it involves mountains, bikes, hikes, and more unrivaled cuteness! Stay tuned…

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