Dec 12 2013

A Very Rangers Birthday Party

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Today’s TBT brought to you (from March) by a sadly-always-behind-Mommy.

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back in March, Caleb was invited to a Very Rangers Birthday Party. As in, it was AT Rangers Ballpark. ON. The. Field. Can you even IMAGINE how excited this child was? (Heck, can you even IMAGINE how cool this non-sporty-Momma thought it was?) Due to some (lucky for me) scheduling conflicts, I got to take Caleb to this party, and C  (and the birthday boy’s parents) were nice enough to let Sam tag along, too. It was just about the coolest thing ever, and the pictures show it better than I can describe it.

First they played inside on a giant playscape that had cool rope bridges and a FAST slide.

I love the center picture here, where Bear is helping Sam across for the first time. #brotherlylove

Of course there was pizza (not pictured) and a giant cookie cake (pictured, quickly before it was inhaled)


Then they went down ONTO THE FIELD. (Yes, you read that right.)
There was some playing in the outfield, including a wiffle ball game.

Sam playing in the outfield and warning track.

There was a running the bases relay.

Check out that GRIN! (And yes, his group won the relay.)

Even Sam got in on the base running action.

They checked out the Rangers’ dugout.

Just chillin’ in the dugout. No big thing.

They pretended to play catcher.

They had a fantastic time!

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