Dec 08 2013

Icepocalypse 2013!

In case you haven’t heard, the DFW metroplex (and other areas of North Texas) have been pretty much encased in ice since Thursday night. School was cancelled Friday, and for the first time in probably a decade, our office actually closed. We couldn’t even work remotely, because power to the building downtown was inconsistent at best. (It’s hard to remotely connect to your computer at work when said computer keeps shutting down because  the building loses power). As pretty as it looks, it’s not so much snow as it is sleet and ice. We’ve got sleet drifts that piled up almost two feet. The kids are having fun, though. I, myself, am staying warm inside. I’ve done some sewing, some Christmas decorating, and been generally enjoying some down time. Here’s some fun for you to vicariously enjoy with us (and, bonus, you get to stay warm and dry, too!)

“Momma, why won’t it kick?”

A little view of how high the drift was by the front door (post-Bryan-clearing the walk)

Bryan starts work digging out the back door

This is why we couldn’t open our back door for a full day.

What Bryan found after digging out the back door – the bottom-most layer of ice.

Sam “helping” Daddy get to work on the back yard. The big boys came out later to really help.

It wasn’t just all work, of course… we’ve had some fun, too. 🙂

And the fun is continuing outside as I write this post. So far I’m mostly hearing squeals of delight, sometimes punctuated by a wail from the nap-needing toddler. Off I go to be mean mommy and make him come inside for said nap…

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