Aug 31 2014

First Friday Night Lights

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Marching Band Season – er, Football Season – has begun! Friday night, the Daneman boys experienced their first Friday Night Lights. Jacob marched his first game with the Byron Nelson Bobcat Band and he decided it was fun. Things he liked: performing halftime, watching the other team’s dance squad, and dancing with the other trombones in the stands. Things he didn’t like: how hot it was, the noisy bus ride home – the boy was tired after a LONG first week of school – and being put on clean-up crew (supposedly clean up crew is assigned to those who have been late to practice or not done things right, and he didn’t know of anything he’d done wrong or any times he’d been late – we hated to tell him he might have to just suck it up as a freshman…). However, I think we have the makings of a happy marcher.

Of course, I videoed. Since it was an away game, it’s mostly of the band’s backsides, and there’s some pretty funny running commentary throughout, but I think you can still get the idea. (Warning, the video is about 8 minutes long – I videoed BNHS’s whole halftime performance, including the dance team because, well, I like the whole halftime.)

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