Aug 21 2014

The Marching Band Uniform Has 2 (thousand) Faces

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As you may remember, Sam’s third birthday party was a Mickey Mouse marching band theme party, and Aunt Lynne Cookie sent an awesomely appropriate present – a marching band uniform. It has been a HUGE hit. I never knew that a marching band costume was so versatile.

It’s been:

1. A baseball uniform (of course) – complete with “bat bag backpack” like Bear had.

Front view

Back view

2. An admiral’s uniform

Standing in front of the Captain’s cabin, of course. (On the Elissa in Galveston during Camp Grandma and Grandpa)

Steering the Elissa.

3. Royal garb

King Sam (or, as he told me in this picture, “King Kane!”)

4. Fireman’s uniform

Driving the fire truck.

And, of course,

5. A marching band uniform

Ready to march after taking cousin Christopher to band camp.

Other uses (not pictured) – soldier uniform and football uniform.

Aunt Lynne Cookie, you didn’t know you’d purchased such a versatile gift, did you?

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