Sep 04 2014

Fishing with Grandpa

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I’ve mentioned that the new house has a pond just at the end of the street, right? Only, like, a bazillion times (more if you happen to be friends with me on Facebook). Guess what? That pond has fish in it. And you know who loves to go fishing? Grandpa. And you know who loves to do anything Grandpa does? Sam. Earlier this summer, Grandpa and Sam went out early one morning and caught a couple fish (catch and release) in our pond. The prize catches were a Blue Gill and a Yellow Catfish. We have relived the glory of these catches many times over the summer. He’s ready for another fishing outing, Grandpa!

The blue gill on the line

The blue gill on the line

Yellow catfish on the line

The yellow catfish on the line

And, of course, some video of the actual catfish catching.

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