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Jul 09 2013

2013 Baseball

See what kept us busy this spring/summer?   There were first outings at pitcher: There were many celebratory (and a few consolation) burgers consumed: There was in-game and post-game brotherly entertainment: There were fierce group photos taken There was much hardware won: For both teams! There were scoreboards to man and “grampires” to talk to […]

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May 07 2013

Budding Journalist?

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Caleb came home from school one day recently quite excited about a special project he got to do. He and 3 (or 4?) other kids were chosen to get to make their own newspapers! He was quite proud of his – and rightly so. Check it out! The front page included a title and front […]

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Apr 06 2013

Easter 2013

Easter was fun this year. After a horrendous thunderstorm that rained out the first baseball (league) games of the season Friday night/Saturday morning, we had a fabulous weekend. Sam had an Easter egg hunt and Easter parade at school. We decorated the house with one of my favorite flowers, tulips. Granny came over and we […]

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Mar 23 2013

Christmas 2012 Recap

It’s March, and we all know what that means…it’s almost Christmas! Since retailers will have Christmas gear out in another month, I thought I’d get us all in the spirit by finally recapping our Christmas. (Plus, a Christmas recap was specifically requested in a response to So Many Things, so even though it’s late, I […]

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Mar 21 2013

My Jokester

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Caleb came home with some new jokes recently. I think they’re pretty funny. (I really wanted to get him on video, but he was feeling a little camera-shy. Sorry, you just get text today.) Q: What do boxers (the athletes, not the dogs) like to drink? A: PUNCH! Q: What did the lion say after […]

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Mar 04 2013

Chargers Ready to Start Spring Season

It’s baseball season, y’all! The Chargers started their spring season with a tournament this weekend. They were 1-1 in pool play. Really, they should’ve been 2-0, but, well, we had to give the other team a break. (That and, I’m no expert, but when a pitch hits in the dirt, isn’t that a ball instead […]

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Mar 02 2013

Keller Bulldogs Basketball Playoffs

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Well, I promised a game post about the Bulldogs’ – Caleb’s team for those of you new to the blog – basketball playoffs. I had hoped to still be posting about Bulldog basketball through the weekend, but alas, it is not to be. The Bulldogs went into the playoffs as the #3 seed, and after […]

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Feb 04 2013

My Lot in Life

Is clearly to be surrounded by devastatingly handsome young men. I got new frames for two of the 8×10 size pictures of Jacob and Caleb that are mainstays on our mantle. I reframed the pictures and as I set them back up, it struck me again of just how incredibly handsome all the boys are. […]

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Feb 02 2013

Sam as a Frog

Sadly, I don’t mean a Horned Frog. Remember the toy shelf we got in January? Sam decided it was really fun to dump all the cars out of the frog bin and play in the bin itself. Caleb used to do this kind of thing, too. 🙂 Personally, I love it. Enjoy.

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Feb 01 2013

So Many Things

Clearly I’m back to my once-a-week-at-best postings. I know my 4 readers are just heartbroken to not be hearing from me more. My excuse this week, at least, was having a sick kid from Monday morning through the wee hours of Wednesday morning. As for the days/weeks prior to that? Yeah…I got nothin’ (that’s my […]

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