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Dec 12 2013

A Very Rangers Birthday Party

Today’s TBT brought to you (from March) by a sadly-always-behind-Mommy. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back in March, Caleb was invited to a Very Rangers Birthday Party. As in, it was AT Rangers Ballpark. ON. The. Field. Can you even IMAGINE how excited this child was? (Heck, can you even IMAGINE how cool this non-sporty-Momma thought it was?) Due […]

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Dec 08 2013

Icepocalypse 2013!

In case you haven’t heard, the DFW metroplex (and other areas of North Texas) have been pretty much encased in ice since Thursday night. School was cancelled Friday, and for the first time in probably a decade, our office actually closed. We couldn’t even work remotely, because power to the building downtown was inconsistent at […]

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Oct 04 2013

Summer Fun – Other Beach House Fun

Boy, do I know how to drag out Summer Fun posts or what? But, since it still sorta feels like summer around here (yes, in October), it’s not so bad to still be posting about summer fun, right? Right? Also, for all my friends who got their first dusting of snow last night, maybe this […]

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Sep 17 2013

Summer Fun – Beach Time

A summer trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s is not complete without some time in the surf. The big boys wasted no time getting out as far as they could into the waves. Sam was initially content to play – and direct the play – in the sand. Eventually the whole family got in on the […]

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Aug 23 2013

Summer Fun – Swimming at Grandma’s

I have SO MUCH FOOTAGE of the swimming antics at Grandma’s house. Fear not, I have culled the plethora of images and footage and have picked some of my favorites. Enjoy – we sure did!

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Aug 22 2013

Summer Fun – In Easily Digestible Bites

What’s that saying about how to eat an elephant? One bite at a time, right? We had SO much fun this summer. So much fun that I was too busy enjoying it all to do much posting. Rather than do one or two ┬áREALLY long posts that wouldn’t do any of the activities any justice, […]

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Aug 21 2013

Wordless Wednesday – I’m Craving Cookies

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Jul 09 2013

2013 Baseball

See what kept us busy this spring/summer?   There were first outings at pitcher: There were many celebratory (and a few consolation) burgers consumed: There was in-game and post-game brotherly entertainment: There were fierce group photos taken There was much hardware won: For both teams! There were scoreboards to man and “grampires” to talk to […]

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May 06 2013

The Big 3

Sam”s 3 now. And as he’ll tell you he’s a big boy, not a baby. Of course, with such a milestone comes a party. Since I really recapped the party planning in pretty good detail here on the Texas Health Moms blog, I won’t repeat myself (for a change). I’ll just let you enjoy the […]

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Apr 22 2013

Look Happy

Y’all have probably already seen it on my Facebook page from this morning, but Sam certainly has the right perspective today. I was putting on makeup this morning – something that rarely happens on a weekday, sadly – and he asked what I was doing. I told him I was putting on my makeup. Sam: […]

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