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Feb 14 2012

Valentine’s Day

Don’t worry, this won’t be a mushy-gushy, lovey-dovey post…well, maybe a Mommy-type mushy-gushy post. 🙂 Sam’s class had a Valentine’s Party at school today, and I was lucky enough to arrange to work from home today so I could attend. The parents all brought food for the party, though the kids really only zeroed in […]

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Jan 30 2012

Of Blankets and Survival Kits

You’ve probably heard (read? seen? you get the idea) me say I’m not a crafty-type person. I stand by that, but this week/weekend, I had a pretty good moment, I think. Saturday was a baby shower for a friend of mine. This baby was much prayed for and is already so loved and cherished – […]

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Jan 20 2012

Sports and Guilt

The lovely people at the Texas Health Resources Momblog have been kind enough to post another of my semi-organized ramblings today. (Thanks, btw!) 🙂 And like I said, before you throw things at me or state (the obvious) that I’m being a whiny-baby and that lots of other parents/families have a harder schedule than us, let me […]

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Dec 06 2011


I know I’ve been sort of MIA lately on here, and most of that can be attributed to a very busy “busy season” at work. And rest assured, dear reader(s? maybe?) that I’m getting back to it now that I can find my desk. And I’ve started here, with my latest post on the fabulous Texas […]

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Sep 26 2011

Button Mashing

Sorry, folks – short post today, but I think you’ll enjoy what I link you to–yes, it’s another one of my Texas Health Moms posts. I’m serious when I ask for suggestions. I’ve tried deep breathing, walking away, ignoring…at different times they’ve all worked…at other times, nothing has worked. Ahhh, the joys of parenting! It’s […]

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Sep 22 2011

Best Laid Plans

Today I had hoped to post all amped up from all I’d learned at  the Women in Leadership Symposium: Rising Above the Ordinary being hosted at TCU today. I was really excited about the symposium – the topics discussed were right up my alley: Being Your Own Advocate, Personal Finance, Breaking Through Middle Management, Maximizing […]

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Aug 10 2011

Being Present

Today, Texas Health Resources Momblog posted a submission of mine about being present in the moment. This is something I’ve really been struggling with lately, and I think maybe this weekend was a sort of breakthrough, though entirely unintended. Part of the time we were just too busy for me to even think about somehow […]

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May 03 2011

THR Momblog entry – Time Management

I promise, I promise, I’m working on a post from the birthday party festivities, and I’ve got another one that’s a little more serious rolling around in my brain. But for today, I’m sending you back on over to the Texas Health Resources Momblog for my latest contribution, Time Management. I hope you like it. […]

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Apr 05 2011

A Good Day

Today was a GOOD Day. Today was the kind of good day that makes up for a whole bunch of crappy ones all at once. (This is not to say that I’ve had a bunch of crappy days in a row, quite the contrary, actually. But today made up for several crappy days in the […]

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Mar 29 2011


I know, I know. You were hoping for a race report, and I promise, I’m working on it. But a situation came up today that has me thinking about something else.

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