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Sep 17 2013

Summer Fun – Beach Time

A summer trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s is not complete without some time in the surf. The big boys wasted no time getting out as far as they could into the waves. Sam was initially content to play – and direct the play – in the sand. Eventually the whole family got in on the […]

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Aug 23 2013

Summer Fun – Swimming at Grandma’s

I have SO MUCH FOOTAGE of the swimming antics at Grandma’s house. Fear not, I have culled the plethora of images and footage and have picked some of my favorites. Enjoy – we sure did!

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Aug 22 2013

Summer Fun – In Easily Digestible Bites

What’s that saying about how to eat an elephant? One bite at a time, right? We had SO much fun this summer. So much fun that I was too busy enjoying it all to do much posting. Rather than do one or two  REALLY long posts that wouldn’t do any of the activities any justice, […]

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Jul 11 2013

2013 TCU Art Camp

In mid-June, Caleb enjoyed a week at TCU’s Art camp. He really enjoyed it, and says he wants to do it again next summer, too. And since a picture says 1000 words (or so I’ve heard), enjoy this novel. 🙂   I must admit there is one other piece of artwork that I’ve not included […]

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Jul 10 2013

2013 TCU Band Camp

The last week of June, Jacob and Christopher and one of Jacob’s friends from baseball, Kyle, went to the TCU Band camp. They spent 4 days immersed in sectionals, rehearsals, and fun, and the families got to hear their concert on Thursday, the 27th of June. I’m always so impressed at what the instructors and […]

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May 07 2013

Budding Journalist?

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Caleb came home from school one day recently quite excited about a special project he got to do. He and 3 (or 4?) other kids were chosen to get to make their own newspapers! He was quite proud of his – and rightly so. Check it out! The front page included a title and front […]

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May 06 2013

The Big 3

Sam”s 3 now. And as he’ll tell you he’s a big boy, not a baby. Of course, with such a milestone comes a party. Since I really recapped the party planning in pretty good detail here on the Texas Health Moms blog, I won’t repeat myself (for a change). I’ll just let you enjoy the […]

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Apr 09 2013

KidFish 2013

This weekend, our HOA hosted the 3rd Annual KidFish Event. It’s a free fishing tournament in one of our neighborhood ponds. Kidfish is a nonprofit program designed to give kids 16 and under the chance to experience fishing and outdoors. They provide bait, tackle, and loaner rods to kids who don’t have their own equipment, […]

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Mar 23 2013

Christmas 2012 Recap

It’s March, and we all know what that means…it’s almost Christmas! Since retailers will have Christmas gear out in another month, I thought I’d get us all in the spirit by finally recapping our Christmas. (Plus, a Christmas recap was specifically requested in a response to So Many Things, so even though it’s late, I […]

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Mar 17 2013

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

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Spring break was this week and while I didn’t have the week off, we still managed some spring break fun. Grandma came up to visit for the first weekend of the break, and we had a grand time. Saturday night we went to Mike and Susan’s house in Dallas to celebrate Grandpa Daneman’s 88th birthday. […]

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