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Apr 23 2010

Soccer Champs!

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Okay, this post is almost a week late, but cut me a break – there have been other things going on! (And no, no baby yet, so don’t ask.) Caleb has been playing indoor soccer since–well, since he was old enough to get on a team at age 3. He LOVES it. He’s fast as […]

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Apr 19 2010

On Lightning Bugs

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This weekend, a kindergarten insect project turned into a family project. Caleb’s assignment was to pick an insect, any insect he wanted, and build it using things we had in the house. Then he had to write out what he used for each insect part (head, thorax, abdomen, etc.), and he had to learn enough about […]

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Apr 18 2010

Puffy Feet, Pretty Toes

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So, as anyone who has ever had children knows (and likely, most of you who know anyone who has had children know), the third trimester of pregnancy brings with it some “fun” side effects. To list a few, there are the frequent potty breaks 24 hours a day (which, of course means not so great […]

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Apr 14 2010

39 weeks, 3 days

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Well, Baby D is still just a-cookin’ away (as you can see in the picture). To me, it sure looks like he’s sitting higher than in the picture from two weeks ago, but I think (HOPE) it’s an optical illusion. He definitely FEELS lower. There’s new pressure in places I didn’t feel pressure before; I […]

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Apr 06 2010

Rangers Opening Day

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Every year our company takes us to Rangers Opening Day at the Ballpark in Arlington. For the price of a ticket, we can also bring family or friends as guests. We even get company time – it’s nice to be paid to watch baseball. 🙂

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Apr 02 2010

Saying No to Snooze?

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A recent tweet from Dr. Oz caught my eye: “one of the hardest rules to follow . . . @DrOz said no to snooze button. makes you feel worse.” This idea intrigued me. Is it true? Does the snooze button make you feel worse?

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