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Aug 28 2010

4 Months!

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Wow – time is just flying by. Sam is a big, healthy, 4 month old now!

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Aug 19 2010

Running in Circles

Since yesterday’s post was a little bit of a downer, I thought I might amuse you today with an account of my attempt to get back in some sort of pre-pregnancy shape. Anyone who has children (small or otherwise) knows that it’s hard to carve out enough time for yourself to shower and have a […]

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Aug 18 2010

Baggage, Part 1

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I’ve been working on this post for a long time: mulling it over in my mind, trying to decide whether to be pithy and clever in it, or just brutally honest…I’ve really had a hard time putting it together because, well, the subject is hard. I’ve been back at work now for nearly a month, […]

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Aug 08 2010


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Sam is a pacifier baby. Some babies are naturally not paci-babies, and that’s fantastic. I don’t want to get into the debate of pacifier vs. non-pacifier. What works for your tot probably won’t work for anyone else’s, and if you are one of those lucky parents whose child is never inconsolable, well, two things: 1) […]

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Aug 05 2010

Double Digits

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Okay, so this post is a tad late, but as of  July 20, we officially have a “double-digiter” in the house! Jacob turned 10. Now, being a summer baby myself, I understand the joy and pain of summer birthdays. Mid-summer birthdays can be a bummer because your friends are often out of town on their own […]

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Aug 02 2010

Fishing, Turtles, and Komodo Dragons

No, I haven’t discovered a new love for reptiles, much to my boys’ chagrin. I do, however, love fish that my boys are so excited about catching that they come RUNNING from behind my parents’ house saying, “Dad! Dad! Come Quick! Bubba caught a FISH!” I also love turtles with papier mache shells who crawl […]

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Aug 01 2010

Mommy Sisterhood

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Today I experienced the sisterhood of Mommies–the way two women who have never seen each other in their lives can almost immediately bond over kiddos, no matter how brief the encounter.

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