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Dec 08 2013

Busy Season and Work Craziness

It’s officially been over 2 months since I last posted. And believe it or not, I still have summer fun posts to write up. But for now, a quick catch up. We’ve officially made it through busy season at work. And as if busy season isn’t bad enough, corporate dropped a pretty big bomb on […]

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Jul 17 2013

Bassetts and The Pioneer Woman

It’s no secret that I’m not a cook. No, really, ask any of the people who live with me. It’s not for lack of trying (I’d like to note that nobody has gotten sick or died from my attempts – yet), but it seems to be a talent I just don’t possess. Still, I love-love-love the […]

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Feb 01 2013

So Many Things

Clearly I’m back to my once-a-week-at-best postings. I know my 4 readers are just heartbroken to not be hearing from me more. My excuse this week, at least, was having a sick kid from Monday morning through the wee hours of Wednesday morning. As for the days/weeks prior to that? Yeah…I got nothin’ (that’s my […]

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Dec 07 2012

Fear the Frog!!

Last weekend, Mommy got some way-cool-awesome non-kiddo time. My bff Tori was in town for the weekend, and she and her dad were nice enough to offer me an extra ticket to the TCU-OU game. Bryan said, “Go, have fun.” and I did! Now, y’all know the significance of a WHOLE football game (plus tailgating!) […]

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Apr 05 2012

Welcome Spring

You know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers?” Well, in Texas, we like to be a little ahead of everyone else. But now that we’ve officially passed the first day of Spring on the calendar, I can officially say: Now, those of you who know me well (or even not that well) know that […]

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Apr 04 2012

Holy Crazy Wind, Batman!

In case you live under a rock (or are maybe still hiding under one from yesterday), the DFW metroplex was rocked by crazy storms yesterday. I heard one DJ say something about it being the worst tornado outbreak in this area since…well, before I was born (and that was a long time ago). I can’t […]

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Feb 29 2012

Junk Room to Office

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Don’t judge; we all have a “junk something” – junk drawer in the kitchen or bedroom, a junk bucket at the foot of the stairs or in a spare room…you know, a place that holds all the stuff you don’t have a better place for, but can’t fathom getting rid of yet. Well, in our […]

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Dec 06 2011


I know I’ve been sort of MIA lately on here, and most of that can be attributed to a very busy “busy season” at work. And rest assured, dear reader(s? maybe?) that I’m getting back to it now that I can find my desk. And I’ve started here, with my latest post on the fabulous Texas […]

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Oct 18 2011

Educational Sacrifices

Yesterday morning when I dropped Sam off at school, I noticed a sign on the door asking for candy wrappers (by Wednesday) for a special art project. Now, I bought Halloween candy at the store on Saturday, but threatened everyone (read: Daddy and myself) within an inch of their lives if they got into it […]

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Sep 26 2011

Button Mashing

Sorry, folks – short post today, but I think you’ll enjoy what I link you to–yes, it’s another one of my Texas Health Moms posts. I’m serious when I ask for suggestions. I’ve tried deep breathing, walking away, ignoring…at different times they’ve all worked…at other times, nothing has worked. Ahhh, the joys of parenting! It’s […]

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