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Sep 05 2014

First Day “Back” at Work

Maternity leave is over. <sad trombone> Today I started back to work (yes, on a Friday), after 12 wonderful (paid!)¬†weeks getting to know the new addition to our family. And while I still didn’t feel fully ready to go back to work – what Mommy does, really? – I wasn’t quite as distraught this time […]

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Dec 07 2012

Fear the Frog!!

Last weekend, Mommy got some way-cool-awesome non-kiddo time. My bff Tori was in town for the weekend, and she and her dad were nice enough to offer me an extra ticket to the TCU-OU game. Bryan said, “Go, have fun.” and I did! Now, y’all know the significance of a WHOLE football game (plus tailgating!) […]

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