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Feb 02 2013

Sam as a Frog

Sadly, I don’t mean a Horned Frog. Remember the toy shelf we got in January? Sam decided it was really fun to dump all the cars out of the frog bin and play in the bin itself. Caleb used to do this kind of thing, too. 🙂 Personally, I love it. Enjoy.

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Feb 01 2013

So Many Things

Clearly I’m back to my once-a-week-at-best postings. I know my 4 readers are just heartbroken to not be hearing from me more. My excuse this week, at least, was having a sick kid from Monday morning through the wee hours of Wednesday morning. As for the days/weeks prior to that? Yeah…I got nothin’ (that’s my […]

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Jan 04 2013

Toy Overload/Organization

The clutter. The clutter was trying to kill me. I promise, it was. Now, y’all know I’m no neat freak – far from it. In fact, most of the time my house is in a state much closer to tornado strike than to Better Homes and Gardens. But we were in serious need of toy […]

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