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Sep 27 2011

League City Fun

Over Labor Day weekend, (yeah, yeah, I’m late posting – what else is new?) the 5 of us took a road trip to see my family in League City! Jacob doesn’t get home from school until after 5, so we decided to eat dinner and take our time getting on the road to let some […]

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Sep 26 2011

Button Mashing

Sorry, folks – short post today, but I think you’ll enjoy what I link you to–yes, it’s another one of my Texas Health Moms posts. I’m serious when I ask for suggestions. I’ve tried deep breathing, walking away, ignoring…at different times they’ve all worked…at other times, nothing has worked. Ahhh, the joys of parenting! It’s […]

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Sep 22 2011

Best Laid Plans

Today I had hoped to post all amped up from all I’d learned at ┬áthe Women in Leadership Symposium: Rising Above the Ordinary being hosted at TCU today. I was really excited about the symposium – the topics discussed were right up my alley: Being Your Own Advocate, Personal Finance, Breaking Through Middle Management, Maximizing […]

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Sep 11 2011

10 Years Ago Today

I’m sure my post today will be one of many like it, and it might be a little disjointed. But it’s a post that must be written, right? 10 years ago today was tragic. 10 years ago today was terrifying. 10 years ago today was mind-blowing in the worst way. 10 years ago today, my […]

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