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Aug 28 2014

Girl Time!

Living in a house with 5 boys can really get to a girl. So I was THRILLED when Sara invited me to come along on some girl time with our friend Melissa, Sara, and Lily for Lily’s first pedicure last Saturday. We went to a place not far from the house that has special Hello […]

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Aug 15 2014

Jungle Friends

We’ve been very lucky to have several friends offer us gently used baby gear for Daniel – the kinds of things that babies outgrow long before they wear it out. It’s been fantastic. I’ve been taking things out little by little to keep things interesting, and, in some cases, as he’s grown into their use. […]

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Apr 22 2013

Look Happy

Y’all have probably already seen it on my Facebook page from this morning, but Sam certainly has the right perspective today. I was putting on makeup this morning – something that rarely happens on a weekday, sadly – and he asked what I was doing. I told him I was putting on my makeup. Sam: […]

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Apr 17 2013


Forgive me if I ramble here; I’m still processing. I’ve purposely stayed quiet (on the blog, anyway) the last couple days because my primary reaction to Monday’s bombings was anger. So many people were almost immediately able to say and see the good things – the first responders running into the chaos when everyone else […]

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Mar 04 2013

Chargers Ready to Start Spring Season

It’s baseball season, y’all! The Chargers started their spring season with a tournament this weekend. They were 1-1 in pool play. Really, they should’ve been 2-0, but, well, we had to give the other team a break. (That and, I’m no expert, but when a pitch hits in the dirt, isn’t that a ball instead […]

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Feb 28 2013

TMS Wind Ensemble Pre-UIL Concert

I might have mentioned this before, but I am SO proud of Jacob’s musical ability. He’s doing so well on trombone in 7th grade. He’s the first chair trombone in the top band at his school (so, yes, he beat out some 8th graders! Woo-hoo!). On Friday (2/22/13 – the night before I ran the […]

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Feb 25 2013

2013 Cowtown 10K

I know you’re all sick of hearing me post about it, but I’ve got to get this race report down while it’s still somewhat fresh in my head. Bear with me here, please. I didn’t officially sign up for the Cowtown 10k until the 19th…the race was on the 23rd. Now, I’d been┬áthinking about doing […]

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Feb 04 2013

My Lot in Life

Is clearly to be surrounded by devastatingly handsome young men. I got new frames for two of the 8×10 size pictures of Jacob and Caleb that are mainstays on our mantle. I reframed the pictures and as I set them back up, it struck me again of just how incredibly handsome all the boys are. […]

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Feb 03 2013

Valentine’s Day Goodies

Sam’s class is having an actual Valentine’s Day party this year, complete with exchanging valentines and decorated boxes and everything. Clearly, a 2.5 year old can’t do a TON to help make his valentine box, but I wanted him to feel like he could help. So today, after basketball games, Sam, Granny, and I went […]

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Feb 02 2013

Sam as a Frog

Sadly, I don’t mean a Horned Frog. Remember the toy shelf we got in January? Sam decided it was really fun to dump all the cars out of the frog bin and play in the bin itself. Caleb used to do this kind of thing, too. ­čÖé Personally, I love it. Enjoy.

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