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Aug 24 2012

Singalong Sam

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He sings songs from school, songs he’s heard at home, and sometimes just songs he makes up. He even sings a couple of prayers (the one they say before lunch at school and the Shema at night before bed). Here are two of my latest favorites.

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Aug 23 2012

Best Friends

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Tonight at dinner, Sam and I had this conversation: S: [unintelligible toddler-babble] . . . bes’ fwen M: What was that, baby? Are you my best friend? S: No. I not you bes’ fwen. M: [with sad face] You’re not my best friend? Oh, I’m sorry. Who is your best friend? S: [grinning ear to […]

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Aug 18 2012

CO 2012 Recap, Part 2 – Crested Butte/Mt Crested Butte

We arrived in Crested Butte in an absolute downpour, with about an hour to kill before we could check into the condo. We let the rain slack off a bit, and then parked at one end of the adorable main street and walked to a pizza place we’d read good things about. Aside from the […]

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Aug 17 2012

CO 2012 Recap, Part 1 – Great Sand Dunes

I know, I know, I’m a terrible mommyblogger for not yet having recapped our family vacay. FINALLY, I have a few minutes to put the kind of thoughts picture collages together to give you a sense of the trip. Since the post would be forever-long if I put it all into one, I’m going to divide up […]

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Aug 15 2012

Breakfast Table Conversations

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Mommy and Daddy are not overly articulate at the breakfast table, so Sam often carries the conversation. Here are some snippets from recent days that I think you’ll enjoy. This morning S: Mommy, where Daddy? M: Daddy’s in the potty (sorry, B) S: Daddy in the potty? I see him! M: You see Daddy in the potty? Do […]

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Aug 06 2012

Bailey’s Birthday!

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I know, I know, you’re all wanting a vacation re-cap blog, and I promise, I’m working on it. But since the camera was lost until late last week, I’ve still got some culling editing of photos to do. In the meantime, our adorable neighbor, Bailey, turned two last week. Sam was invited to her birthday […]

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