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Sep 05 2014

First Day “Back” at Work

Maternity leave is over. <sad trombone> Today I started back to work (yes, on a Friday), after 12 wonderful (paid!)¬†weeks getting to know the new addition to our family. And while I still didn’t feel fully ready to go back to work – what Mommy does, really? – I wasn’t quite as distraught this time […]

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Aug 25 2014

69 Years. SIXTY. NINE.

As you might have seen on Facebook, we got together with the Daneman clan to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa Daneman’s 69th wedding anniversary. That’s right. SIXTY. NINE. Years. Together. That’s something pretty amazing to celebrate, don’t you think? Four generations of Danemania were together. Wonderful food was prepared and eaten: Cars were played with: Stories […]

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Aug 15 2014

Jungle Friends

We’ve been very lucky to have several friends offer us gently used baby gear for Daniel – the kinds of things that babies outgrow long before they wear it out. It’s been fantastic. I’ve been taking things out little by little to keep things interesting, and, in some cases, as he’s grown into their use. […]

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Aug 09 2014

How to Blow Your Pre-schooler’s Mind in 6 “Easy” Steps

1. Have¬†Mommy begin to work from home under high stress and work insane amounts of overtime. 2. Pack up, sell, and move out of the only home he’s ever known. 3. Move into Granny’s house for 3-4 weeks (again, THANK YOU GRANNY!) 4. Move into new home over pre-schooler’s birthday weekend 5. Put Mommy on […]

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