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Feb 26 2011

Cowtown 10K Race Report

I ran my first ever 10K race today. To say I felt unprepared would be an understatement. I’ve been training for the Dallas Rock-n-Roll half marathon at the end of March, and had been doing pretty well, until . . . remember that ice/snow I posted about from the beginning of the month? Yeah…that, combined […]

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Feb 20 2011


I don’t think this post needs too many words. Life with boys is rough-and-tumble at any age. Enjoy the pictures. 🙂

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Feb 19 2011

Tough guys

My boys play baseball (well, not Sam. . . yet). One of the first things you’re taught in baseball – and this is VERY important – is that if you get hit with a ball, you don’t rub it until you get to the dugout. It’s part of the whole tough-guy, never-let-em-see-you-sweat, sports thinking. Today […]

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Feb 19 2011

8 and 9 month update (just barely before 10 months!)

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I know I say it every time, but time is just flying by. People like to remind me lately that Sam’s first birthday is just right around the corner. I’m not ready for that yet, people! I want him to be a baby for as long as possible; don’t rush a toddler on me!

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Feb 18 2011

Snowmageddon 2011

February is apparently North Texas’s time for snow and ice. Last year, we got over a foot of snow just before Valentine’s Day. This year, we had 4 days off work and school because of snow and ice, February 1 through February 4. We had a fun time in it, but after 4 days being […]

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Feb 17 2011

Sugary Dreams

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Sam was making the rounds last night, telling everyone good night. Bubba gave him a big hug and said, “night-night, Sam. Sleep good.” Daddy gave him hugs and kisses and said he loved him and to sleep well. Caleb, who was still finishing off his very icing-y cookie sandwich dessert, gave him hugs and said […]

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Feb 06 2011


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Well, folks – lots has been going on around here. 4 days of ice and snow (and in Texas, that pretty much means you’re confined to home – we’re not equipped for that!), Sam’s 9-month checkup, the Super Bowl in Dallas (with lots of stuff in Fort Worth), a cousin’s impending bar mitzvah to prepare […]

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