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Dec 14 2010

More Love. That. Kid.

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A couple weekends ago, Sam was playing in the living room with Bubba and Daddy, while Bear was drinking some hot cocoa in the kitchen. As Bear watched Sam play, he said, “Awwww, Sam. You’re way cuter than the baby on THIS mug.” Daddy and I started giggling almost immediately. It took Bubba a minute […]

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Dec 13 2010

Worst. Poopy Diaper. Ever.

Since I haven’t gotten around to publishing my Hanukkah post yet, some of y’all might not know that last Saturday, Sam came down with his first nasty, retching tummy bug (which, subsequently, Daddy and I both got, but that’s another story, of which I will spare you the details).  Now, I should also mention that […]

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Dec 12 2010

Return to Racing

A week ago, I made my “triumphant” return to racing post-baby. I say triumphant because, even though I didn’t win, or even place in my age group (heck, I didn’t do that pre-baby, so why start now?), I did make it through the whole race without any walking, and in much better time than I […]

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Dec 06 2010

7 Months and SOOOOOOOOO Big!

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Sam hit the 7 month mark on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. He’s been growing like crazy! For the quick stats, he was at 18 pounds, 2 ounces at the dr. on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Yes, we were at the doctor’s office right before the holiday. . . for ear infection number 3. Yes, the […]

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