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Mar 20 2012

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

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Can you guess what song they’ve been singing in school lately? (Okay, that one has some Itsy Bitsy Spider in it, but I couldn’t resist posting it because of his bouncy baby move there at the end) See? He CAN be sweet and quiet when he wants to be. Now, you can’t tell me that […]

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Mar 11 2012

Blowing Bubbles Tutorial

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We’ve had some lovely weather lately; perfect for blowing bubbles. Sam will now take us through proper bubble blowing procedures. Now, to blow bubbles, you first need the right gear. And then you need MORE gear. Then, of course, you must test the bubble solution. . . with your bare hands. Next, you must practice […]

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Mar 09 2012

Aces First Tournament, First Championship

Jacob’s baseball team, the Keller Aces, had their first tournament this past weekend. They played two games on Saturday resulting in one loss and one tie. (He had already played a basketball game Saturday morning and Friday night, and Caleb had played a basketball game on Saturday, so to say it was a full sports […]

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Mar 08 2012

Pretty Fingers, Pretty Toes

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A dear, dear friend is marrying the love of her life on Saturday. Today, the bride-to-be, her bridesmaids, her mother, aunt, both future sisters-in-law (one of them is a bridesmaid, also), and her future mother-in-law got together this evening for some wonderful pampering! We met up at Hollywood Nails and Spa. First, let me say […]

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Mar 08 2012

Haircut #2

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I resisted as long as I could. I really, really did. Sam looked so cute after his first haircut, but he also looked so grown up that I hated to keep it short. And I admit to being too lazy too busy to get to the barber shop any sooner. When Sam looked like this […]

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Mar 07 2012

Budding Artist and Activist?

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Yesterday was Open House at Caleb’s school. We didn’t know about it until the last minute (literally, I was driving home from work). Sam and I didn’t have time to make it up there (:() but Daddy went. He sent us these pictures of Caleb’s artwork on display: His class has also been studying recycling, […]

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Mar 03 2012

Dr. Seuss Week

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At Sam’s school this week, in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, each day had a theme. So, for your viewing pleasure, I’m sharing them with you. Monday: Crazy Sock Day Tuesday: Backwards (or inside out) clothes Wednesday: Crazy Hair Day Thursday: Crazy Hat Day He wasn’t so interested in crazy hat day. So he wore […]

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