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Aug 28 2013

Summer Fun – Kayaking

For Christmas this year, Santa brought the Brandt family a 2-person kayak. They were nice enough to let us test it out on our trip to the beach house this summer. In related news, we’re now in the market for a kayak ourselves. 🙂

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Aug 23 2013

Summer Fun – Swimming at Grandma’s

I have SO MUCH FOOTAGE of the swimming antics at Grandma’s house. Fear not, I have culled the plethora of images and footage and have picked some of my favorites. Enjoy – we sure did!

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Aug 22 2013

Summer Fun – In Easily Digestible Bites

What’s that saying about how to eat an elephant? One bite at a time, right? We had SO much fun this summer. So much fun that I was too busy enjoying it all to do much posting. Rather than do one or two  REALLY long posts that wouldn’t do any of the activities any justice, […]

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Aug 21 2013

Wordless Wednesday – I’m Craving Cookies

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