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Sep 29 2010

Save a Horse…

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On our way back from Jacob’s baseball game tonight, the Big and Rich song “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” came on. Caleb and I were talking about how he and Bubba used to like the song when they were littler (I was informed that Caleb still likes the song). After the song was over, […]

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Sep 27 2010

5 Months Old

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Time is just flying by like crazy! Today Sam turned 5 months old. He can turn over from his back to his tummy, and has determined that he prefers sleeping on his tummy.

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Sep 26 2010

Eagle Mountain Park Hiking

On Labor Day (yes, yes, I know, I’m late posting this – so sue me), we took the boys to Eagle Mountain Park for some hiking. Bryan had been out there trail running in December and had been itching to get the boys out there since then. The trails are well-marked and nice and wide. […]

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Sep 22 2010

The Rant

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Just a forewarning, I’m going to rant a little bit here. But first, some facts and back story. Fact: Sam’s daycare is very good and he’s happy there. Fact: I really am very pleased with the care he gets there and all of the teachers and staff I’ve met. (Okay, maybe those first two are […]

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Sep 22 2010


I am beyond excited! I got to do a guest blog entry on the Texas Health Moms blog about transitioning Sam to sleeping in his own room. It posted today! In case you’re wondering, the THR Moms blog is really great – I’ve found some wonderful tips and just great all-around mom stories reading it. […]

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Sep 17 2010

“Productor” Sam

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Tuesday, before Caleb left to go to baseball practice, he was telling Sam goodbye (Caleb’s SOOOO sweet that way, always wanting to give Sam hugs and kisses bye-bye). After said hug and kiss, he was holding Sam’s arm and waving it around like an orchestra conductor. Sam thought this was hilarious. Caleb grinned up at […]

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Sep 09 2010


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I admit, sometimes we are Bad Parents and leave the TV on during dinner. Usually it’s for something REALLY important, like  a Rangers game or a Cowboys game, or any other sporting event my boys deem it ESSENTIAL to watch. Now, my chair at the table actually faces away from the tv, so this story […]

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Sep 01 2010

Personality Plus

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Our Caleb is truly a Personality Plus. He’s fearless, outgoing, and always coming up with the funniest way of saying things. Here are a couple recent favorites of mine. . .

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